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The life of the ocean around Iceland by the Arctic Circle, is diverse and colorful. The creatures there live in an underwater world which is very exotic to us.

For decades, the diver Erlendur Bogason has photographed life under the ocean around Iceland in the North Atlantic. His photographs have now been made accessible on this website. In the upcoming weeks we will add more species in this beautiful fauna of life in the ocean. The texts are written by Hreiðar Þór Valtýsson, lektor in fisheries studies.

This website is built for educational purposes. Please note that all publication is not allowed.

Are you familiar with Tunicates?

Of all invertebrates, the tunicates (urochordata) are the closest relatives to humans. There is no resemblance in adult tunicates. However, the larvae stage is very unlike the adult stage and looks like a tadpole. Tunicates are in fact in the same phyla as we are in, chordata. Tunicates can be both sessile and planktonic.

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