Hermit crabs


In contrast to most other crustaceans, hermit crabs have a soft and delicate body. In order to protect themselves from enemies, they live in empty snail shells they carry with them.

It was believed that hermit crabs did not kill the snail to get into its house, but rather take the snail shell when the previous owner had died for some other reasons. However, hermit crabs have been seen, as they seem to be trying to help the rightful owner to be die.

The most common species in this country is a hairy hermit crab (Eupagurus pubescens) and is found all around the country.

Some species of sea anemone, such as the Hormathia digitata, sometimes live on snail shells, which are either resided with the snail itself or a hermit crab. Both benefit from this, The sea anemone gets a free transfer between places and also receives scraps of food from the snail or the crab. It, on the other hand, gets protection, because the sea anemone is a poisonous.


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