Polar shrimp

Lebbeus polaris

The polar shrimp is one of many shrimp species that thrive in ​​Icelandic waters. It is not harvested as the cold-water prawns, but some will say it is more beautiful.

As the name implies, the polar shrimp prefers cold seas, so it is mainly found north of Iceland. It is found in very wide depth ranges or from shallow water to more than 600 m depth. It lives in cold seas in both the North Atlantic and the North Pacific.

It can be found on various bottom types and mostly seems to eat small benthic invertebrates.

The polar shrimp seems to seek cooperation with other animals. In the deep sea, it is often seen with sea anemones and eats what falls off their table, the sea anemone also provides protection.

The polar shrimp has been observed with wolffishes in shallow seas. They even crawl around the body of a wolffish (which is a big fish with huge jaws) and pick up food scraps. It may well be that the wolffish benefits from this and the shrimp helps get rid of parasites. Cleaner shrimps are well known In coral reefs where they simply have the job of cleaning larger organisms. Maybe the polar shrimp also has a job?


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