Rock gunnel

Pholis gunnellus

The rock gunnel is a small and slenderfishy, usually yellow in color and with black spots on the back. It is only found in really shallow waters and is probably the easiest fish species to find on the seashore. That’s why many people know the rock gunnel.


It is found on both sides of the North Atlantic from the English channel to the Barents Sea and from the Cape Cod to Greenland.

It is found all around Iceland and is common. However, since it is a seashore fish, it is probably the most common where the tides are greatest, or along the West coast off Iceland. Itsfood is all kinds of bottom animals.


The rock gunnel can reach maturity immediately after one year, but it usually takes 2 years. It is one of the few fish that takes care of its eggs. The female spawns eggs in small clusters and that the parents guard the eggs until they hatch.


The rock gunnel is no commercial fish, it is far too small.


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