Dahlia anemone

Urticina felina

The dahlia anemone is not a flower or a plant, it is an animal and it is a predator. However, similar to some plants (such as the nettle), people can also burn themselves by touching the anemones. The dahlia anemone is a cnidarian like jellyfishes and they have poisonous stinging cells on the arms that they use to protect and catch prey. It lives mainly on small fish and crustaceans.

The Dahlia anemone is a very common anemone species and is very often found on rocks and boulders. It is found in shallow seas in many parts of the North Atlantic. The dahlia anemone is not completely sedentary because it can crawl around very slowly.

Anemones can multiply themselves both sexually and asexually. During sexual reproduction, they eject eggs and sperm into the sea where they fertilize. A bud can also grow on am adult individual that then detaches and forms a new identical individual.


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